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Our journey at Kudu has come to an end. We have enjoyed providing locally handcrafted eyewear. If you require further information you can contact us at info@kudueyewear.com


Kudu Eyewear creates handmade wooden sunglasses and optical eyewear in Cape Town, South Africa.
We started with a wood range & offer handmade wooden sunglasses & optical spectacle frames in different types of wood.
We believe in quality eye care and craftsmanship and combine it in our polarized wooden sunglasses range.

Our Journey

From two completely different backgrounds, but both with a love for design and creating new things, Bernard Schoeman and Jurgens de Jager joined forces in 2016 to bring us Kudu Eyewear.

Bernard is an optometrist by profession, with a passion for design. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the optical industry and loves the design of a beautiful frame. In teaming up with Jurgens, they have created a unique product that is proudly South African - and for the first time in South Africa, you can now buy prescribed lenses in a wooden frame.  Each frame is handmade and to ensure the highest levels of optical quality are maintained, each frame is individually inspected.

Jurgens grew up in Willowmore, a small Karoo town in the Eastern Cape. With almost 20 years working as an Engineer, Jurgens has always been passionate about designing and building new things. This passion came to life when he discovered his love for the art of fine woodworking – from designing, to producing and assembling the end product. He has also designed and built all his own tools – all of which are now being used to create custom made wooden frames.